Forum Title: Basement window replacement....enlarge opening?
Our current basement windows are the standard single pane aluminum hopper, in a metal frame which was set in the poured foundation. Since the current size is pretty odd (31 x 12.5) Im stuck with custom ordering. I dont mind doing so, I just havent found any half decent products that seem worth it. Lowes wants $116 per window, but the windows they are specing kind of stink (efficiency wise they are OK, but the weather strips are felt, hardware is really thin plastic, etc) Was wondering if this seems like a nuts idea - what about cutting 2 from the bottom of the opening? The foundation is 8 thick, BUT the windows Im looking at are about 3 jamb depth, so I would go maybe 4 into the foundation instead of all 8. Then the remaining 4 that arent cut would serve as a stop for the new window. I would be cutting only from the bottom so as not to disturb the lentil at the top of the window. I will remove the sides and bottom of the existing metal frame, leaving the top alone (Ive removed one of these frames before, so I know I can do it). Cutting the 2 gives me enough height for a 15 tall window, which is much more common and allows me to get a slider with better weatherstrip and hardware. Does this seem feasible? Or should I just custom order and wait (FWIW, custom order for the existing size window only allows a hopper window) Thanks. -Chris
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: MARIE MITCHELL (Overland Park, KS), 01/02/2019

My first thought would be that you should find the guy that did that and put a potato in his tailpipe. I know, it wasn't your idea... you bought the house that way. Your option (other than replacement... and $7000 is way too high- call a commercial city glass company, not a contractor... they should be able to do it for $2-3000) would be to remove either the interior stop or exterior stop and see if the glass can be removed to the inside. Harbor Freight might have some cheap suction cups you could buy to help with removing and lifting the glass, but if you have never worked will glass before you probably run a high risk of breaking them. And depending on how the bonehead put them together, they may be impossible to get out without breaking them.

- MARIA J (Austin, TX), 03/04/2019

Can you include a picture of the interior of your wall?

- KELLY PAGE (San Jose, CA), 03/01/2019

Quote: Did you only look at custom windows from Lowes? Look for a place that just handles windows & doors. Checked Lowes and HD first, called a local WindowRama. They are all about the same price and providing the same basic quality window (i.e. not great). Note that I priced out a 15 high custom window, but Im guessing 13 would be the same deal (hopper instead of slider, but again around same price) Quote: Can you include a picture of the interior of your wall? Sure! Pardon the mess around it....there are two windows to do, the other wall isnt unfinished but I would be cutting from the outside in. The one in the pic is below ground so I would try to cut from inside out since its easier to access. As you can see, there is no interior wall where this window is so I have full access to the foundation. Ive already replaced one of the steel windows with a glass block window, so I know what is necessary to remove the steel frame. The cut I would need to make would actually be lower than the lip on the frame, so it wouldnt necessarily be in the way until I was done cutting.

- DANA RIOS (Marietta, GA), 02/13/2019

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