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I have these old style awning windows that you crank a handle to open them. On two windows I would turn and it will work fine until the window panels would open to about 30 degrees, then it will be stuck, then I have to really crank it hard for about half a turn then it gets back to turning smoothly. It is really annoying. I lubricated the moving parts on both sides above and below with WD40, didn't make a difference. I then removed the crank handle from the rest of the assembly, it looks OK. Any idea what might be wrong and what to look for to fix that? Thanks in advance for any comment.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: LORI BENNETT (Deerfield Beach, FL), 01/11/2019

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- NATALIE PARKS (Nashville, TN), 02/10/2019

The operator is probably worn out. I had those type windows when I lived in fla and HD sold the operators ...... but that was 20+ yrs ago.

- RICHARD DAVIS (Kennewick, WA), 02/15/2019

I never use any kind of grease on the side tracks as I feel it only attracts even MORE dirt. Silicone spray is usually my choice, but on aluminum windows, I douse them with Alum-a-lub. Taking the sash out and really cleaning the track well is probably the answer. If you can disconnect the crank arm from the sash and manually raise and lower the sash, that will tell the tale of where it's binding and why. Generally I've found that most aluminum windows are just a giant pain in the neck and that they practically need to be wet with lubricant in order to slide smoothly, otherwise they will often shudder as they operate. Then when the lubricant dries its back to the binding and rubbing again. I'd really recommend you pick up some alum-a-lub.

- FRANK YOUNG (Hoover, AL), 03/06/2019

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