Forum Title: Fixing a hole in my door
Hey guys I have a 2 inch long 1/4 inch high hole in my door. How do I go about fixing it? Its also got a wood finish so that may be tricky. This is a photo of it from the front imgur: the simple image sharer And this is from the other side of the doorimgur: the simple image sharer I'm completely clueless on what to do, any help would be greatly appreciated!
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: KRISTINA SINGH (Cicero, IL), 01/02/2019

Even with a permit I doubt the city would require you to reframe the opening of the windows to meet current code. Homes are sold all the time that do not meet current codes on everything as they are grandfathered in as you mentioned. So the buyers inspector says they don't meet code. He/they has no authority to make you do anything. Have the buyers contacted you at all? If not, I would wait to see if anything comes to this and then deal with it then. If they want the windows enlarged you can either discount your price and they can have it done. Or you can do it and your price should reflect that. Last option is to do nothing and sell it As is.

- LEONARD AGUILAR (Santa Maria, CA), 02/02/2019

...Welcome... ..Its a hollow core door with a hardboard skin..and a whole like that is pretty hard to repair unnoticeably..especially since it is 'textured', but Marksr suggestion is probably the way to go, without replacing the door..(which wouldnt be that expensive..for a flat finished door. You may not find the same style/texture door nowadays.) tho may bestill available in your 'Non-US' area...?!?

- RUSSELL CRUZ (Yorba Linda, CA), 02/19/2019

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