Forum Title: Fixing the lock of a door I kicked in
I couldn't find an article on this specific question, which is why I'm starting a new topic. I had to kick a door in. The strike plate and the two screws holding it in were ripped out of the frame. The lock mechanism itself doesn't need to be replaced, but the screw holes and the gap where the lock latches in is ripped up. How do I replace the wood? I figure it involves cutting out the broken material, installing new wood and screwing new holes for the strike plate, but I don't know how to go about it.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: DIANE TORRES (Huntington Beach, CA), 01/03/2019


- LEAH BARBER (Burnsville, MN), 02/21/2019

Quote: Originally Posted by XSleeper It really depends on the extent of the damage. It's hard to give specific advice when we can't see the same thing that you can. If you can snap a picture and upload it to a website like photobucket or picasa you can share the link here. My first thought is that if the damage isn't real bad (and the wood is painted) you could possibly drill out and fill the screw holes with glue and a couple golf tees. And the rest of the damage could be patched with bondo, sanded and painted. But if it's stained wood, and the damage extends beyond the strike plate, then a total latch side jamb replacement is probably your best option, since any sort of pieced in patch would stand out like a sore thumb on a stained and varnished jamb. Thank you. I will work on getting a picture uploaded. It's quite cheap and soft wood, so there wasn't really any damage beyond the strike plate.

- TERRY NGUYEN (Buckeye, AZ), 03/01/2019

If the damage doesn't extend beyond the strike plate, you can probably just drill out the holes, glue in some wood like I mentioned, trim it flush, and then once the glue is DRY, predrill some new holes for your strike plate.

- MITCHELL VAZQUEZ (Tacoma, WA), 03/07/2019

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