Forum Title: Heat buildup behind closed-off window?
I would like to mostly close off a large (70 x 58), south-facing window in our home in the high desert of northern Nevada. I would be mounting 1/8 hardboard across the top 36 of the window to 2x lumber extending horizontally across the window. There would therefore be 1 1/2 gaps along the vertical edges of the window where air could circulate. There is an existing Levolor cellular shade that I would like to leave as insulation. I would like to add additional insulation, if it can be done without incurring moisture buildup. The bottom 20 or so of the window will be accessible; it's a horizontal slider, so I should be able to open it if need be, for ventilation. There is a concern that in such a situation that, say, on a summer day, heat could build up to a dangerous level between the hardboard and the window. Is that possible? Thanks, Jeff
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: O. Kheir (Phoenix, AZ), 01/18/2019

Welcome to the forums! Ideally you replace the door. You could push in the rough areas and use a filler like Durham's Rock Hard Putty to fill the hole and the try and replicate the finish texture. I doubt you can patch it and make the repair disappear but you can make it not as noticeable.

- THEODORE SIMS (Coon Rapids, MN), 02/04/2019

It will only be semi-permanent. It's a bedroom window, so many years from now, when the house is sold, it will need to be there. I think the heat will be able to dissipate, since the hardboard is not right up against the interior wall, but spaced out at least an inch and a half. One possibility to reduce incoming heat would be to cover the window on the outside with louvered white shutters.

- Decatur HVAC (Loveland, CO), 02/03/2019

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