Forum Title: How to replace old original aluminium windows?
I want to replace my old aluminium windows without disturbing the outside of the house if possible. The outside is stucco. I want to put new vinyl replacement (insert) windows. I have a few questions on how the best way to go about this. 1. First to remove the glass: I read that the best way to do it is to remove the glaze (heatgun or prazi tool Prazi USA PR9000 Putty Chaser - Power Drill Accessories - 2. Find wherever the nails/screws are and then take the whole window frame out. However I'm afraid that it would probably do some damage to the stucco. I read that removing the old frame can also compromise the water seal where the window sits. 3. The other option of leaving the existing frame in but as you can see from the pictures the whole window is practically one piece of aluminium so this would require a lot of cutting to make the frame flush. Is there any other way I can approach this? Which is the best way to go about this? 1. Take the whole frame out and then deal with repairs to stucco/flashing or 2. Cut the frame as flush as possible?
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: JOHNNIE CHANDLER (Edina, MN), 01/27/2019

Can't see or open any of your links but i would guess you need to caulk the gap then cover it with base shoe, lattice, or some other appropriate sized trim.

- CAROLYN RAMIREZ (Dothan, AL), 02/01/2019

Hi, thanks for your response and link tot the video. What makes my window a bit different is that I cannot remove the sash as there isn't any or as you can see from pic 4 and 5, the sash is also part of the frame so I can't remove it. What I'm thinking is to cut the sash as close to the frame as possible. Has anyone ever done that? Or this is a case where a new construction window would be better but that would mean redoing the stucco.

- JASON HARRIS (Decatur, IL), 02/05/2019

Use an angle grinder with a non-ferrous metal blade or a sawsall or a drill to remove the rivets on the hinges top and bottom...thats one done. Repeat for any other moving sashes. Yes, glazed in glass should be removed, then use the saw or grinder to remove any metal channel in the clear opening, leaving the frame around the perimeter. Now you treat it similar to the one in the vid. Maybe you could uses a sawsall and cut the entire frame out after removing the glass, but I don't think it's necessary and will likely cause issues with the stucco and interior.

- NATHAN SILVA (Kansas City, MO), 03/01/2019

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