Forum Title: Install new construction window into wall + vinyl siding.
Guess i'm just nervous about cutting a hole in the wall, etc. I built the interior framing and have the window. Here's my plan: Drill holes in the corners of the frame area to the outside to use as a guide to cut the siding. Go outside and scribe/cut between the holes to get the window area to size. Remove some nails from the siding near the window so I can slide the window frame in underneath the siding. Install window weather tacking inside/outside frame. Remove the screen and sashes from the new window and fit frame under siding. Level the base and fit spacers in loosely. Tack frame in place and install the sashes. Do final squaring up, nail fins in place, then check again. Fit vinyl into exterior channel. Finish insulating inside. Q: Will cutting the vinyl to frame size allow me to slide the vinyl into the window vinyl groove? does it need to be a different size? If there is foam under the siding, does the window go over that? Any other suggestions or anything wrong with my plan?
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: LARRY T (Fresno, CA), 01/30/2019

That board is junk. Looks to me that it can be replaced. check to make sure the hinges for the storm door are not attached to that board, they may or may not be. If it is then you will need to remove the door. If not just remove the pins that hold the 2 closers and replace the board.

- NICOLE GOMEZ (Deltona, FL), 02/16/2019

Estimate where the window will go on the outside and remove all the siding from that area by lifting it off the roofing nail heads. Don't remove the nails. Once the siding is off, you can cut your hole through the wall, install your window, flash it, apply your tyvek and window tape, then surround the window with jchannel if it is not provided by the window. Then you can reinstall your siding on the nail heads you left without losing positioning.

- JEANETTE WADE (Lancaster, CA), 02/01/2019

If this is vinyl siding, remove the vinyl siding in the entire area where the window will go. Use a Malco sideswiper siding unlock tool. Unhook the siding from the nails rather than pulling the nails. Then cut the rough opening out. If there is foam under the siding, yes, the window would generally go on top of the foam. Once you have the window installed, then you will cut the siding to fit back against the window, assuming you have an integral j-channel on this new window.

- MAE HARMON (Clearwater, FL), 02/26/2019

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