Forum Title: Interior prehung pine door gaps
Hello all, I am attaching pictures of an 18 pine closet door that I installed. Notice the gap at the top is a little larger than the gap on the strike plate and hinge side. Also note the hinge side gap is smaller than the strike plate side. The top gap is pretty consistent all the way across. The strike plate side is consistant all the way down about 1/8. The hinge side is consistent except the gap gets slightly smaller near the bottom of the hinge jamb. Notice in the picture the bottom hinge is cut out too much so the hinge is recessed into the door jamb. I also noticed that the company who made the door, Jeldwin, did a crap job of mortising the hinges and the door knob latch cover (see pictures). The door latch cover sticks out beyond the edge of the door about 1/16. The door is not rubbing when opening and closing except a very small rub because the door latch cover is sticking out too much but there is no wood on wood rubbing. All of the doors I bought had issues with the mortising not being done well and also the door stops are uneven (one was even broken). 2 of the 6 doors I bought had warped door jambs. The point of this post is for me to determine how much of the problems are caused by the poor quality control of the door maker and if there is anything that I can do personally to improve my install. I plan to mortise out the latch cover spot so it fits flush. Another thing I might do is put some wood filler over the bottom door hinge so the hinge is flush with the door jamb. Is the hinge side gap supposed to be the same as the strikeplate side of the gap?
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: VICKI CRAIG (Oxnard, CA), 01/19/2019

Never saw that type of roller. You need to find the manufacturer of the door and see if they can send you new ones.

- RON VAUGHN (La Mirada, CA), 03/03/2019

Thanks I will keep the comment about shims in mind.

- SCOTT F (Colorado Springs, CO), 03/06/2019

I have noticed that none of the door stops are installed properly on my prehung door units. I removed the door stops on one door and installed them close to the door. I think there is 1/32 of gap between the door stop and the door. Later I thought what if the wood expands/contracts. Will I have rubbing problems or paint getting damaged? What is the ideal gap to have between the door and the door stops or is it ok to have the door stops right up to the door?

- WANDA FOSTER (Council Bluffs, IA), 02/15/2019

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