Forum Title: new construction windows in 1971 house with 2 layers of siding.
Im sorry if this is in the wrong thread. i spend alot of time reading and this is my first time posting. this is a little long winded but please bear with me. I have a 1971 ranch in Buffalo NY, cold winters, hot summers. I am replacing the original casement windows in a couple weeks with new vinyl double hungs. I opted to go with new construction style with nailing fins because i feel more comfortable working with this type of installation.. here is my question. The house is not sheathed with plywood. it is some type of black 3/4 thick composite board that was commonly used in this area in that era. The house was originally sided with cement board (asbestos). The previous owner had installed 1/2 styrofoam over the original siding and then hung vinyl siding over the foam. There is no housewrap on the house. during the winter months, i can feel cold air blowing through the outlets on the exterior walls and around the windows. New aluminum capping and trim was put around the windows when the vinyl siding was hung and it is a complete hack job. water got behind the trim and rotted the wood windows out. I would like to remove the vinyl siding, wrap the entire house in housewrap, and then install my windows, with appropriate flashing, trim, and sealing, etc.. CAN I INSTALL housewrap directly over the 1/2 foamboard and rehang my vinyl siding? or do i need to strip the original siding off as well and install housewrap on the original house sheathing board?? thanks for your time and advise...
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: DANA RIOS (Waco, TX), 01/09/2019

I've never worked on a patio door with the threshold flush with the concrete pad. I suppose this is not unusual in a non-freezing area of the country. I would think that the old threshold be taken out and the base re-leveled when new door is installed. I would also try and smooth out the surrounding area with a finish coat of cement.

- RON VAUGHN (Costa Mesa, CA), 02/19/2019

Should I wrap?

- PAUL TAYLOR (Chico, CA), 03/06/2019

That sounds like a fine plan. Installing a perimeter of plywood is definitely the best way to go... and in that case you would probably be wise to use housewrap and windiw flashing tape around the new windows.

- Denis Ford (Raleigh, NC), 02/27/2019

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