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Hi, This is my first post here. I have a lot of upcoming projects this year so I hope this site will b helpful . I am getting ready to install a rear entry door to my house. I have chose to do a prehung door. I measured 3 times width to the studs and 3 times the height. I removed the trim of course to do this and went with the smallest measurement. My concern is the threshold is slanted toward the outside. Will there be a big gap due to this when I got to hang the new door? It's a concrete threshold. Do I have to measure the outside to get the slant measurement? I am a bit confused about this. I have hung interior doors before but not an exterior. So I want to get my measurements right before I take them to Home Depot and buy a door. Thanks for your time and help.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: COURTNEY ERICKSON (Miami Beach, FL), 01/03/2019

The only way that you can change how the roof meets that windows is by raising the header & the sill, if you want the same size window. There is no other way to make room, for the shudder. If you do that, it won't match the window, on the adjacent wall. It's also much more work than it's worth.

- KATHERINE ROGERS (Mount Pleasant, SC), 02/28/2019

It's not an actual upper step. It is 2 steps into the house then the threshold. My measurements were 80 7/8 x 32. I'll add another picture of the steps.

- CHRISTINA HOWARD (Union City, CA), 02/04/2019

I thought that was going to be the issue. If your stud to stud distance is 32, then you'll need a 30 door. The problem is the height. Standard height doors available off the shelf are known (in the door world lingo) as something like 2/6x6/8. First number being in feet, second is inches. That example would equate to retail markings of 30 x 80. Thats the actual door size...the rough opening for that door would be approx 32 x 82 depending somewhat on the manufacturer. You will need to special order a 2/6 6/6 ( or 30x78) unless you have a good building supply or door distributor nearby.

- TERRY NGUYEN (Orange, CA), 02/10/2019

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