Forum Title: Re-hanging interior doors - best option?
The previous owners of my 1991 house replaced the original interior doors with the 6-panel hollow core doors and they did a pretty shoddy job at installing the hinges on the door. They reused all the original (gold) hardware. When I first moved in, some of the doors closed fine and a few were binding against the stop, though they still closed. I replaced all of the door hardware and now the doors are even worse; mostly just binding against the stop and one won't even close. Maybe the old hinges were sagging a bit when the new doors were installed? I can probably fix some of the binding issues by working on the stop (sanding/planing), but I'm wondering if I should attempt to re-hang some of the doors...and if so, what is the best way to fill the holes so I can re-drill? I've read about drilling out the holes and gluing in a wood dowel. Any advice?
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: MARIE MITCHELL (Overland Park, KS), 01/02/2019

Got a picture? Inside or outside door? Outside your going to be dealing with the gap between the flooring and the outside wall. Almost never is the floor going to be level, Do not count on your jacks to be the same length and have the header be level.

- TED BUSH (Las Vegas, NV), 02/04/2019

Thanks for the response. While I would love to tear everything out and start from scratch with pre-hung solid core doors, since I plan on replacing all the trim anyways, but I'd rather salvage what I have...spending ~$100/each for new doors (6 total) is a bit steep. Anyways, the doors and frames are in good shape, besides where they kind of butchered the doors to install the hinges. Yes, the doors that are binding are binding against the hinge side stop, which means the hinges are set too far inside. They do close, albeit with extra effort...and they make a horrible creaking noise when they rub on the stop. One door is hitting the jamb (top, opposite of hinge) which makes it almost impossible to close...this means the hinge is not recessed enough into the door/frame. This might be fixed with just recessing a bit more. I snapped some pictures before I left this morning: Top (binding door) Bottom (binding door) Top (hitting jamb) Bottom (hitting jamb) Hitting Jamb Thanks again for the help!

- LYNN SCHNEIDER (Newark, NJ), 02/24/2019

Hi To Fix the screw holes I glue in 3/8 hardwood dowels. The bind on the stop on the hinge stop I believe is caused by the hinge not bieng close enough to the front of the door. The door is 1 3/8 the front of the hinge should be 1 1/4 from the back of the door.Think of moving the door away fom the stop without moving the hinge on the jamb you would have to move the hinge on door closer to the front of the door. If the door is binding on the latch side of the door and is about the same all the way down plane or sand the hinge side and reset the hinge depth. If you plane the latch side you will ruing the back set on the latch. That would open a whole new can of worms. Good Luck Woodbutcher

- PENNY ACOSTA (Huntington, WV), 02/21/2019

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