Forum Title: Removing old block frame replacement windows?
My house originally had traditional wood-sash double hung windows, but a previous owner replaced most of them block-frame replacements. I'll just skip over what's wrong with them and state that I'd like to replace some of them with new block-frame replacements ... but I'm not sure that I'm going to be able to remove the ones that are there, due to the caulk that's adhering them to the exterior stop! I've tried running a thin blade between the frame and the exterior stop, but I can only slip it in about 1/4. Is there a trick to freeing up and removing an old window like this?
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: MARLENE BUSH (Turlock, CA), 01/04/2019

No one seems to know what clips you mean. Can you post some pics?

- MAE HARMON (Clearwater, FL), 02/21/2019

Sure, here's some pics. It's a pretty conventional situation, I think ... the only oddball thing is that they put a wood spacer in between the window and the exterior stop, presumably make up for a relatively thin window. What I'm concerned about is where the frame meets the exterior stop (okay, actually where it meets the wood spacer that's between the window and the exterior stop, but same idea). That's a pretty health amount of surface area that's bonded with old caulk, and I'm wondering if I'm going to be able to separate that joint. My best guess is (after removing the interior stops and the screws, of course) to stand outside the window and have a helper push the bottom of the window inward while I try to work my way up with a thin knife slicing through the caulk.

- VICKIE MARQUEZ (Delray Beach, FL), 02/03/2019

The image conjured up with the original post made me think of old schoolhouse metal frame windows. These appear to be either replacement type or flange new construction type. You will probably be better served removing the exterior trim pieces to see if there is a nailing flange on the windows. If so, then it is a matter of removing the fasteners, and removing it, replacing with another of the same size, and applying window sealant tape around the exterior and flashing over the top. Let us know what you find out as to the construction of the windows.

- MAUREEN BENSON (Pharr, TX), 02/01/2019

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